Dear Student and Parent,

  We are excited you are interested in a 21st Century Academy as a potential option for your high school education. The following factors will be reviewed in determining who is invited because we want to make sure the Academy you are interested in is a good fit, your interests/skills align with the academy, and because enrollment for the academies is limited.
  • Attendance in middle school for 7th grade and first semester 8th grade.

  • Grades in middle school for 7th grade and first semester 8th grade, especially courses aligned with the academy (i.e. science grades
    for an academy that focuses on science).

  • Short Essay Responses - the essay responses should be completed by the student so we can ensure the academy aligns with the student's interests and skills.

  • Teacher Recommendations - the student selects 2 teachers to ask to complete the recommendation. The student will need to know the teacher's full name and email address. The student should ask the teacher directly but can also be found on StudentVUE. The teacher recommendations are confidential and are only available to the 21st century staff for review.

  • Interview - Academies will interview students prior to determining if they will be invited to join the academy. This provides an opportunity for staff to make further determinations if the academy is a good fit for the student. The interview also provides an opportunity for students to determine if it is a good fit for them. Academy staff will reach out to applicants for scheduling. Students should be prepared for the interview by reviewing their essay answers and being able to verbally express their interest and passion. Students should feel free to bring along any questions they may have about the academy to the interview. Parents are to accompany students to the interview.

I support my child applying to a 21st Century Academy. I understand the entire application process, including teacher recommendations, is confidential and not available to either parents or the student, and will be purged from the system within one year of the original application date. I further understand that my student's attendance and grades data will be available for review by Teachers, Counselors, and Administrators involved in the evaluation of applicants.